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We work for you since 2005. 

Activity principal views:

mechanical installation (installation and piping the engineering   equipment stainless steel pipelines);
electric wiring (a lining of cable lines, cables, test and measurement and automatic equipment, installation of cases of management);
● complex decisions (at will of the customer), engineering including simultaneously, installation and starting-up and adjustment works;
production (distributive panels, valve combs, service platforms, the non-standard equipment);
● delivery of accessories from stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316L and the equipment for food manufactures:
      * check valves and fittings;
      * pipes round DIN 11850 and profile;
      * hatches (oval, round, rectangular);
      * the equipment (pumps for the food-processing industry (rotary,  rotary-screw, centrifugal); capacities; CIP-stations; the equipment for pouring of liquids in PET-containers, glass; the equipment for beer manufacturing; the other equipment).
 Our company is the official representative of company Apparatebau Nordhausen GmbH (Federal Republic Germany) and the dealer of company NIOB FLUID s.r.o. (The Czech Republic).
Spheres of activity:
● food (the dairy industry, the brewing industry, manufacture alcoholic and soft drinks, manufacture of juice);
● the pharmaceutical.
Geography of works:
● Republic of Belarus;
● CIS countries and EU.
For the purpose of expansion of geography of works as us the representation in the Russian Federation is opened.
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